Monday, December 31, 2012

1984 JCPenney Christmas Catalog

I am such a nostalgia dork.  I finally got my box of old Star Wars toys shipped to me from my folks.  Ah the memories.  As I was going through all the figures and vehicles, I found some pages from the JCPenney 1984 Christmas catalog.  I remember I was in kindergarten and tore out a couple pages and taped them together for more efficient perusing.  I mean who wants to flip past all the clothes and junk each time they need to get a glance at the B-Wing and Castle Grayskull.  I think there must have been more pages but this was all that survived.  There's a more comprehensive scan of the toy section of the catalog over on the Kokomo Toy facebook page.  Enjoy!

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Joshua Godin said...

I remember looking at this and drooling all over the paper. So cool. Thanks for sharing!