Sunday, June 17, 2012

Sheila the Thief Redesign :: Dungeons and Dragons Cartoon

Fear not Ranger, Barbarian, Magician, Thief, Cavalier and Acrobat. That was Venger, the force of evil. I am Dungeon Master, your guide in the world of Dungeons and Dragons!

Man, I loved the Dungeons and Dragons cartoon as a kid. I crushed particularly hard on Sheila the Thief. Thought I'd try my hand at redesigning her. It's not too much of a departure, but I love so much of the original. Those boots are killer!


Andr-X said...


Marco Ferrigno said...

Love it, novice question but when you started drawing this did you have to rely heaviley on photos for pose reference or do you have a sort of muscle memory for how you pose a character?


Paul Adam said...

Thanks, guys.

Marco: I didn't use any reference beyond some screencaps of Sheila I found for color. The pose was just out of my head. I'm sure there are all sorts of anatomical errors, but the stylization frees me to exaggerate and wander a bit with accuracy. I try to not crutch on reference too much when I work. Not that reference is a bad thing. I'll occasionally shoot photos if I'm on a tight deadline and accuracy matters.

Marco Ferrigno said...

Hey Paul thanks for the answer, that makes perfect sense, i use similar tactics for tricky perspectives.

looking forward to seeing more of your paintings.

David Walch said...

Very cool pic, I love the pose!