Thursday, March 03, 2011

Jedi Colorfied


c.g.young said...

Frigin Awesome!

chiara ganzer said...

Amazing work!

alan said...

Hi Paul

I am a big star wars fan and i waited for SWTOR to come out for a long time. I love the game but to be honest i was very dissapointed to find out that the higher level i was getting the armor design was leaving the SW franchise and it was looking more like WOW and lord of the rings. SO bout the time i reached level 50 and started getting raid gear (op in SWTOR) i was about to scream and say WTF

who designed this and why did it ever got approved

doing my research i found out about you and i just wanted to ask you. Why? im not saying your art is bad i am just sayin why did the art dep lost it . I am sur eim not the first person saying this

Paul Adam said...

Hey Alan,

I appreciate your opinions, but I can’t really discuss decisions on SWTOR on my personal site. You can leave a comment on the official SWTOR Forums if you want – we’ve got a whole Community team who pass feedback on this sort of thing to us. We’re listening and we’re always working to improve the game. Visit the forums here ->

alan said...

Hi Paul I understand and thanks for the prompt reply. It is not an attack or saying that i dont love your art and work. Glad you guys are listening to all fans and hope we can make SWTOR a palce to be for the next decade :) keep up the good work bringing us near to a galaxy far far away