Thursday, February 07, 2008

Woodland Goblin

Just something I was doodling on at the coffeeshop the other night.


underfoot said...

Hoo-hah! He looks like he's ready to chop wood, by golly!

da janx said...

you call it "just sketching." i call it brilliant.

job well done--as always--sir.

Bean said...

Ha, nice. Ironically I just finished a goblin too. You da man da man.

dool said...

Hi Paul , i feel like im talking to myself , i too am named Paul Adam , im 25 and live in scotland , there must be something about being called paul adam and doing art work , i too wish to be a concept artist.

I really like this sketch , i love fantasy art , nice work mate.

Keep it up , the rest of your art work is nothing short of awesome.


p.s most paul adam people are famous by the way

Jav said...

What up mang!
nice... looks good... now doodle this shit into color!

Paul Adam said...

Underfoot, dajanx, bean: Thanks, fellers.

Dool: ANOTHER Paul Adam?!! Willikers! Well, I must say that you have the most awesome name ever and your taste in art is impeccable. :D Thanks for the props.

Jav: I tried coloring it, but my first attempt was pretty bad. It was so bad Photoshop told me to stop. Maybe once Photopoop and I make up, I'll take another stab at it.

spots2012 said...

Hey, nice drawing. I googled 'goblin' images and found it. Check my blogspot.